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Introducing Gallery!

PowerGallery is a pre-built administrative website you can upload to your server and use to configure galleries for your website. Show off images, products, photos, your portfolio, anything you can imagine!


Easy to get started and easy to manage!

PowerGallery offers a user-friendly installation wizard, which checks your server configurations, adds the necessary database tables to your database and allows you to specify administrator settings.

Then the browser-based administrative backend allows you to upload images and configure your galleries. Choose your gallery style; customize the look and feel; rearrange and rotate images; update image titles and descriptions; add a text watermark. Then embed your gallery in any PHP page or use a direct link to the gallery.

And with Version 2, you can add gallery images - or entire galleries - by FTPing folders and files to your server. Instantly, they'll go live on your website without even visiting the PowerGallery admin! You can remove images this way as well.


Choose from ten diverse galleries:

PowerGallery now includes ten flexible gallery layouts, including ribbons, grids and slideshows - each with a dark and light theme. The newest, the Flow Gallery, smoothly rotates through your images horizontally and best yet, your visitors can browse your images with a mouse or via keyboard arrows.

Gallery Layouts

Customize your gallery design:

For a gallery to be a great addition to your website, it has to blend with your look and feel. With PowerGallery's styler, you can change the container size of the gallery so that it can fit into any div or area on your site. Edit nearly every color in the gallery - the backgrounds, gallery title, hover border and tooltips! You can also select your font families, styles, colors, decorations and sizes.

The slideshow wide gallery starts at 999 x 200 pixels by default, but with the styler, just specify your dimensions and you can use it to create your very own promotional banner. Upload promotional or advertising images and PowerGallery will take care of creating the slideshow for them! Choose from multiple slideshow effects.

Gallery Customize

Enhance your product detail pages:

If you want a simple way to show off multiple images for a hot product, use one of the ribbon full size layouts to show off multiple images. In the styler, you can control the size of the gallery to fit in your product detail page quickly, easily... and seamlessly.

Great for using on product detail pages, portfolio pages and more.

Set up coupons to allow customers to enter a coupon code at checkout. Set up sales and coupons for all products, specific products, or specific product categories - and display retail price vs. sale price on product pages.


Resize pictures on the fly:

Using tried and true WebAssist technology, PowerGallery will automatically resize and recreate all of your images for you as you customize. For instance, if you had square thumbnails in your gallery and decide to specify portrait-type dimensions, PowerGallery will do all the thumbnail - recreating for you!

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